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This is a 9-month guided journey for those on a personal recovery path. Your path may be recovery from substance abuse or other addictive behaviors, or you may be on a personal recovery journey because you’re life has gotten routine and stagnant. The bottom line is, you want to start thriving in your one precious life.

Through this deep dive, we will pin-point what has been holding you back. We will focus on getting back in touch with your body sensations and body listening, how to process and move through all the stuck places, and speak out loud, what it is you really want.

Each month, we will discover and unpack the ways in which you’ve been holding yourself back. I will introduce concepts and implement practices that will guide you through these stuck places allowing you to start shedding that heavy cement onesie.

Throughout our journey, we will have a dedicated community space (housing platform TBA) monitored by me, handouts and works sheets to assist you on you through this process.